Dog kennels

When booking your holiday, dog kennels are likely to be the port of call for your pet. Unless you have a friend, neighbour or relative who can take your dog in, or dog sit, there's no alternative. The only option open to you is boarding kennels. Booking your dog into dog kennels can be an arduous experience. Some kennels become fully booked, before you even thought about going on holiday!

Boarding dog kennels offer varying facilities, that may or may not suit your dog. It is so important to get details and recommendations about several facilities. Visit them and talk to other dog owners, if you can. Good kennels will ask what, and how much food your dog eats normally, how much exercise he is used to, plus your vets name and telephone number, just in case. The kennels should look and smell clean, bedding should be clean and comfortable, and access to an outside exercise area, during daylight hours, essential.