Dog treats

What pet doesn't love dog treats? Whether they get them because they were well behaved or just because your playing or in a good mood. Whether you swear by cow hide, pigs trotter, dog biscuit or doggy chocolate, they come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Dog treats really are great for any size of dog; you'll find everything, from a one inch tiny bow and twisty sticks to giant two foot 'knot bones' and as long as you choose the correct size for your dog, these can be really good value for money. Dog treats can also last quite some time, allowing your dog to have a good chew and keep their minds busy.

Dog treats have developed over the years to the stage where now you can see shoes, bones, sticks, balls, hamburgers, sausages and even frisbee's.

Cow hide dog treats are very good for your dogs, they have no sweeteners or fat. They won't make your dog over weight or rot their teeth, in fact, they are good for your dog's mouth by helping to clean their teeth, so everyone is happy, even your vet.

Chocolate treats are a something totally different to hide bones; they are mostly in a button form and last seconds and can be used in dog training techniques. Chocolate dog treats are not necessarily made from chocolate. Chocolate treats are much healthier for your dogs, if they are not made with actual chocolate, which is life threatening to dogs, so chocolate flavour ONLY is best.

How about a soft and chewy meat flavour treat? You can buy these shaped as sausages and bones. Dental bones clean your dog's teeth and keep their gums healthy. Lots of biscuits around, in a multitude of shapes, flavoured with meat, vegetables and poultry. These can be bought from pet shops by the kilo and are an economical way to treat your dog.

Smoked pigs ears and knuckle bones or how about a pigs trotter, these are all very popular in the dog world. But for the biggest and most lavish treat of all, how about a dog birthday cake. Seriously! They are, of course, not made with sweets or sugar, but dog food. All these things can be bought in the high street, from supermarkets and pet stores.

As well as from specialist pet superstores and on the internet, large and small vets also sell ranges of treats and can advise you on how to keep your dogs slim and still treat them regularly. Remember, anything not taken in moderation can make you dog fat, and that's no way to treat your best friend.