Dog leads

Every pooch should have a dog lead - for training, restraint and piece of mind. Having fun with your dog is why you have them right? So going for walks should be too. A dog lead helps make that time safe as well as enjoyable and there's a whole ton of different types and forms to choose from. High street shops, vets and web sites have such a wide selection you are spoilt for choice. Some dog leads are made from traditional leather these come in a variety of colours and sizes.

With and without studs, diamantes and bows, matching collars can also be purchased. Material and rope dog leads come in many colours and sizes too, you can have a pretty pink lead with silver sparkles if you wish, and the types available are so diverse.

Ultimately a dog lead shoudl help you control your pet. With larger breed dogs; these have head straps or even the Halti, which stops your dog pulling too much. They can take a bit of time for your dog to get used to; they do need to be well fitting too. Dog leads made of chain are also very hardy; it's tough to break this kind, what ever the size of your dog. These leads come in different lengths and sizes of links, so your toy Doberman Pincer can look as just as tough as a German Sheppard.

If you are an active person and your dog is just as active there are also styles which can help your dog to pull you along. These are a must if you like hill climbing or hiking, jogging or running. These types are usually slightly longer than normal and have a double loop, so they can go around your waist enabling your dog to you pull you along. But we don't advocate you doing no work.

Leads that anable you to be pulled along on skates or a skateboard are great fun, as long as your dog is well trained! Being pulled along at 20 miles an hour uncontrolled, is not much fun and can be very dangerous, not such a good thing to do.

Training a puppy can be scary for the owner, allowing your puppy to run off the lead, for the first time, is a daunting part of training. But with extendable version, this can be a pleasant part of your dogs training. These types can be purchased for a Jack Russell, up to a Great Dane; you buy them according to the weight of your dog.