Dog food

With all the right balanced nutrition, dog food makes a large difference in your pet leading a healthy, long life. From the very beginning of his life, up to grand old age, your dog deserves to be fed the correct nutrition. A good dog food can do this but it is important to purchase the right food for the stage of life, type and size of your pet.

There are many, many types of dog food on the market today; canned; sachets; dried; fresh or processed. They have a mixture of flavours including so called 'gourmet' - have you tried them? Whether your pet likes beef, vegetables, rice or chicken, your dog will love the dog food regardless. Dried food is one of the most popular choices and the nutritional value of dry dog food is accurately calculated and measured for your dog.

The most common mistake made by most owners is to feed your dog in one sitting and over feed because the portion looks too small. Whatever dog foods you choose, dry or tinned, rea the labels carefully to ensure your dog is at the right age to be having that type of food.

A puppy needs soft and manageable foods, small dogs also need small chunks. Large dogs, on the other hand, can cope with bigger chunks and harder food. Therefore, dog food companies have calculated and manufactured these varieties for you. Pet shops and most supermarkets' stock a wide variety of dry dog food.

Catering for all the stages of your dog's life, some smaller local shops might have a good stock too. Some owners prefer canned food, especially for the smaller breeds, although there's not such a wide choice of different nutritional values. But they do have the appearance and smell of the food we eat, making it a very popular choice.

Some manufactures cater especially for the smaller breeds with great gourmet tastes. From turkey to pheasant, even lamb liver, and vets have all kinds available. Your local vet will be happy to help you to pick the correct food for your dogs breed, size and age.