Dog feeders

There are hundreds of dog feeders and dog feeding products on the market, so whether your dog is a champion or just a scruffy mutt, an active working dog or a dog that likes to snooze on your lap for most of the day look around to find something that works for your dog. Dog feeding time can be fun, easy and hygienic.

The type of food you feed your dog and even what you feed him it in are important, and the dog feeders or just dog bowls should be fun but easy to use for the dog. There are many types of products that can help out with dog feeding time, from automatic feeders to water fountains. From a puppy, up to old age, there is something for all of them. There are so many different kinds of bowls, mats, forks and spoons to select from.

Dog feeding products can be found in abundance on the internet, just put dog feeding in your search engine and off you go. If you're a more traditional shopper, there are many high street shops and pet stores that stock feeding products.

If you work long hours and your dog is left for long periods of time, an automatic dog feeder could be perfect for you. Automatic dog feeders can be set to release a measured amount of food, at set times. You can adjust the times and amount of food to suit your dog. For example, say you are going to be out of the house for 8 hours. Your dog can have two measured meals within that time. The amount can be adjusted too, so a Chihuahua won't get a meal the size fit for a Saint Bernard. Water fountains are also excellent, especially good for the summer, water fountains can be placed inside, or outside the house.

Cheer up your dog feeding times with some cool 'doggy dinner ware'. Bowls come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and water and food bowls can come with matching colours, from pink and blue, to green camouflage. Dog spoons, forks and bowls can be matching colours with even a matching mat to place them on.

The choices are endless, if you have a large dog breed or an old dog; dog bowl holders can be a god send. These holders are made of iron or plastic and can be coloured or just plain. They are a bit like pot holders, with a central pillar about 2 feet high with round holders at intervals going up the central pillar. These round holders are for your dogs bowl to be fitted so that your dog does not have to bend down to eat, which is superb for arthritic dogs.