Dog collar

All dogs should have a dog collar (the canine variety, not the local Vicar's from the church down the road). With several uses, the first is for control. A dog collar is predominatly for practical use. Keeping your dog on the end of a lead while walking or training him/her! But also it's where you can place an id tag with your details on.

Decorative Dog Collars can make a cool fashion statement, but taking your dog for a walk should be safe and enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Having the correct size and type of dog collar is essential. There are a wide variety of dog collar options available, some especially designed for controlling unruly dogs. Plus, breed specific collars, such as the thick leather harnesses used for Bull Dogs, and Rottweiler's.

These types of Dog Collars can also be put into the decorative category. As they are often hand made and very enhancing. Then there are the chain, choke collars, usually used for large dogs, like Alsatians.

Whereas a thick leather collar, may seem a bit much for a Pomeranian, for instance. Choke chain collars are one of the most helpful things you can buy when training your dog, whatever the breed. They allow you to have total control, dog trainers agree, a chain collar can show your dog if he is behaving or not. A lose chain shows the dog he is being trusted to behave correctly and a sharp tug upwards shows them they are not.

There are also collars that can stop your dog from pulling when out for a walk. These dog collars have to be sized correctly for them to work. Fancy a real alternative? There are Dog Collars which enable you to be pulled along behind, on skates for instance.

Practical ones can also be decorative, from the thick leather harness type, to the leather studded. They all come in a variety of colours and sizes such as; nylon multi printed collars with matching leads can become a cool fashion accessory.

"Hand-bag" or toy dogs, such as the Chihuahua, have been used as fashion statements for some time. These dogs have paved the way for the less conventional dog collars and accessories. Fancy a diamond studded collar with a matching coat for you little buddy? Prada chains with their names on, or dog collars with bandanas attached, or pink and blue baby collars, tartan or sparkly. You have such a wide choice, your dog could be sporting a new one every day of the week you can even accessorise your dog to match your clothes! The thought of it....