Dog books

How many dog books do you have? Whether you're looking to buy a dog, or to find the right breed for your family, sometimes you probably want to find some information on how to look after a dog. Dog Books can give you all the information you want such as how to look after your puppy, it's wellbeing, grooming or training needs.

Especially for the first time dog owner, dog books are usually filled with useful stuff about your puppy and in particular it's breed. Whether it's what to expect, what immunisation injections they need, what's good to buy for your puppy, toys, bedding, collars and leads, even what to feed him and when.

An encyclopedia of dog breeds would be the most useful reference first off. If looking for a dog to suit your circumstances. Once you've narrowed down your preferences, dog books on specific breeds can be used. Finding ones to buy is too easy, with online book shops, which are a great way to buy cheaply with some selling nearly new books at discount prices. Good pet stores should stock an extensive selection. Going to the library is also a great way of browing through a number of publications that you want to buy.

Breed specific dog books can be found on every breed you can think of. Rottweiler's Dalmatians, Poodles, large dogs, small dogs. Even dog breeds no longer bred, such as the old English bull dog, or the bull and terrier breeds, can be found.

These books are full of information, on one variety of breed. These types of books show you the limits of the breed, and can help you choose the right type of dog. Right for your life style, for instance, if you are out most of the day working, a breed much happier watching the TV in your flat, not doing a five mile hike is best.

If this is the case, high energy large breeds are not for you. Why not think about the Crufts book on breed standards. These types of books are for the more serious dog owners, show dog handlers or breeders.

If you are looking to find out how to train your dogs, for showing or just to stop them weeing in the lounge, publications are making a come back. With dog training shows, such as "The dog whisperer" showing on TV. These books are a giant step up from the old "Barbara Woodhouse" dog trainer books from yesteryear.