Dog Nutrition

The fundamentals of good health for your pet, dog nutrition covers everything they ingest and is about feeding dogs balanced meals and diets. Correct feeding in terms of type of food and the amount is essential for all dogs. The times and the type of food you feed your dog should have all the right balanced nutritional elements and amount of food for a healthy and long life.

From a puppy up to old age, a dog should have the proper dog nutrition for the stage of life they are at and what kind of activities they do. Working dogs would naturally need to be eating at least three times a day. Whether you feed him canned or dry food, treats or bones. His food should have lots of proteins and fats in it for healthy bone and muscle.

The nutritional values of your dog food is measured, for your dog by the manufacturer. Enabling you to keep him fit and healthy, good Nutrition allows the body to mend itself, after a long day working. This is also true even if your dog does not actually work, but is very active. For instance, maybe you take him to an obedience class, three times a week, or your dog loves to run, or goes jogging with you regularly.

A puppy on the other hand, needs more proteins, vitamins and minerals, in comparison to an elderly dog. Puppies need smaller portion and more regular feeding, four or five meals a day, of special puppy food at first, to build them up. Puppies grow at a terrific rate so regular dog feeding is essential.

Incorrect dog feeding can cause many health problems, not the obvious things such as starvation or being over weight. But problems which could cause life threatening conditions for your puppy later on in life. Poor Nutrition can cause kidney or liver problems and growth problems. Such as poor bone structure, skin conditions which, although not life threatening can cause a great deal of suffering for your pet.

Overweight dogs, can suffer additional health problems, associated with being large. Too many sweet things are just as bad for your dog as they are for you. Good dog food is especially necessary, if your dog is ill or convalescing after an illness.

Vet's have dog food for sale, they are always happy to help you choose the correct form of Nutrition for your particular dogs breed, size and age. Vets can also help you decide if the dog food you're currently feeding him has the correct nutritional values. Especially if your dog should be recovering, after an operation. Good Nutrition is vital for you dog to lead a happy and healthy life.