Dog care

If you're looking for dog care advice or health care tips to help keep your pooch in tip top condition, then we can help. Whether you want to find grooming or nutrition advice, we have written pages to help you get the basics. We've even written some content around dog exercise and fitness!

Dog care is all about ensuring your pet maintains a healthy life. It's not just about feeding and then running your dog(s) around the block for 10 minutes. You need to think carefully about your dogs needs and welfare.

Dog grooming
We're not referring here to poodle parlours - brushing and clipping are more important!
» Clipping dog nails » Bathing your dog » Matted hair » Shedding hair
Dog nutrition
Make sure your dogs are getting the right nutrition - the right foods and the right amounts every day. Do you feed once or twice a day, how much does your dog weigh for portion control and more...
Dog exercise
You don't have to strap your dog to your bike or whizz along on roller blades to give your dog the right amount of exercise - a 30 minute walk morning and night is good for starters!
General dog information
From puppies through to grown dogs, living with a dog means you have to train and discipline all the way through - otherwise they become unruly nightmares if you're not careful.

We've developed a complete range of areas that cover all the key topics for owning and looking after a dog, and you can search our site for more information.

So make sure you consider everything, help train them to behave in the right way and discover a new happier dog.