Dog health

Are you up on dog health - know what to do in an emergency? Unless you are a vet, then the answers going to be no! All animals can suffer from ill health, exactly the same as we do! In fact, there are many different conditions and ailments that can befall them. So a dog's wellbeing falls to the responsibility of the owner. Like us, some ailments can be serious and some, not so serious.

For a dog's health it is therefore important; to keep an eye on your pet as much as you can. After all, your pet cannot make himself an appointment at the vet. Many of the health problems a dog may face are simple to remedy, it may be, they only need simple medical treatment.

Like a human being, even more serious conditions can be treated effectively. Dog health shouldn't be taken lightly, if your animal seems to be suffering, either obviously or obtusely, always take them to your Vet. Or do some research, where health is concerned, sooner, rather than later, is essential for a good recovery.

Any respectable Veterinarian will ensure your dog gets the attention they need, at the minimum cost to you that means quick diagnosis and appropriate treatment. If a Vet seems to be 'laying it on a bit ', when it comes to diagnosis, question why they need to x-ray, etc

You are well within your rights to fully understand, the whys and what for's of any diagnosis or treatment you are being billed for. It may be that your dog has a common ailment, like worms, fleas or even a simple allergy. There is plenty of information available, with regards to specific ailments, which do, most commonly, affect your animal's wellbeing.

The main thing is to recognise that your dog has a problem, after all, he can't tell you. The more you know and understand, with regards to dog health, the better it will be for your dog.

The internet, as always, is an excellent resource, where much of the information is free. Not only will a dog suffer from many similar aches, pains and disease as us, they can also suffer congenital problems.

Inherited, genetic conditions being more common amongst certain breeds, if you have a particular breed, you should make it your business to be aware of any congenital problems that type may be prone to.

Dog health, understanding your dog, what they need to be happy and healthy, is responsible ownership. Being aware and giving your dog the 'once over' from time to time, could save his life. Just as important as vaccinations, food and water, keep yourself up to date on dog health and your dog will certainly appreciate it.