Shedding hair

Dog lovers spend large amounts of time and money on keeping their dogs healthy. Many people love how their dogs look and due to this often use professional grooming services. Due to this, some dog owners become upset when they realise that their dog is beginning to shed its hair.

Although shedding is actually a natural loss of hair which allows a new coat to produce, therefore owners should not be alarmed. The shedding does not just apply to one particular breed; all dogs shed their hair although some do more than others. The only way that a dog will not shed its hair is if it is a totally hairless dog. Ultimately, the kind of breed of the dog determines how much they will shed, for example the majority of dogs are considered to be very light shedders.

Breeds who are very light shedders are usually the dogs which require to be clipped, stripped or scissored. These are the type of dogs which will get matted hair if they are not groomed properly or regularly. There are some breeds of dogs which have seasonal shedding; this is usually in spring when they have lost their winter coats.

If a breed which has seasonal shedding is kept indoors the majority of the time the body of the dog may fail to register the change of season and keep the same coat all year round. Many owners of longhaired dogs feel that their dog is shedding more than normal, although this is not the case and it is totally down to the length of hair which is being shed.

In order to get shedding under control and ensure it is not excessive, dog owners should ensure that they are grooming their dogs regularly. This hair is going to fall out anyway and it is therefore better for the dog owner to remove it and throw it away, rather than the dog shed the hair all over a home. The recommendation to the majority of dog owners is to brush their dog once a day; this will help to greatly reduce the amount of unwanted hair on clothiers, carpets and furniture. There are also some products which are available to buy which help to remove all of the dead hair in a few of the grooming seasons, this will leave less hair to shed.

During the shedding season, if a dog owner does not remove the shedding winter coat, they are likely to see this shedding all over the house for up to a period of a month or possible more. Dog owners should be aware that large abnormal amounts of shedding can be an indication that there is something wrong. This may include ringworm, skin infections, stress, mange or cancer. Although it is worth knowing that it is normal for a dogs coat to thin as the dog gets older.