Matted hair

One thing that lots of owners dread is matted hair on long-haired dogs. Dog owners love their dogs and spend large amounts of time and also money on them, with the dog often bringing great companionship. Many people enjoy walking their dogs in the countryside or within areas where there are therefore large amounts of dirt!

Although due to this, many dogs get extremely dirty and also get matted hair when the hair is extensively long. Dog owners can regularly brush their dogs in order to keep the dog looking groomed and healthy.

A dog which develops mats within its fur may suffer from pain and may also develop skin rashes, other irritations or infections. Matted hair is very important and dog owners should be able to spot these, especially because it can lead to further problems developing. If a dog continues to bite or pull on troublesome fur, it can lead to skin becoming sore or bruised due to the constant irritation.

Therefore the advice to dogs is to groom regularly and take care of mats immediately. In order to remove the mats from the fur, particular tools ill be required. A soft wire slicker brush, a comb, a flexible pin brush or soft brush may be suitable depending on how serious the case is. A mat comb can be used to help remove the mats, if the comb has long teeth, this is especially helpful.

Some dog owners may opt to use a mat splitter which will help to unknot the mats. Professional groomers may be used by some dog owners, they may use electric clippers, protein lanolin sprays or powered cornstarch. The dog owners should attempt to remove the mats by brushing them out, they should begin by loosening the mats with their fingers. Work from the outside in whilst easing apart gently and then a consideration should be given to pre treating the matted fur with protein lanolin spray.

Dog owners should be aware that they should never use a comb to work out the knots completely, always use the hands to loosen the mats first. In serious cases, dog owners should be aware that if they do not feel confident then they should use a professional groomer. A professional groomer will have a greater knowledge on how to remove the mats without hurting the dog and will ensure all mats are removed. The groomer will also be able to use professional shampoos which can help to treat the skin of the dogs.

Dog owners should be aware that once the mats have been removed, they should prevent the mats returning. This can be done by frequently brushing the dead hair and tangles on the dog. Dog owners should begin brushing their dogs as puppies, this way they will get used to the feeling as they grow older. Another tips for owners is to be careful when brushing in order to avoid injuring the dog, especially in tender and vulnerable areas.