Dog grooming

Many owners ignore dog grooming as part of your weekly or daily care routine for your dog. Regardless of whether you have a long, or short haired dog looking after your dogs coat and nails, checking ears and brushing is essential. Below we've explained some of the basic dog grooming techniques to show how easy it is for everyone to care for their dogs.

Most dogs coats are easily maintained with a good shampoo and conditioner. Along with a brisk brush, two or three times a week. This will keep your dogs coat clean and shiny. If your dog's coat is long you can also clip it short for the summer yourself, if your dog will allow you to.

Different dog breeds have different needs. If you have a dog with long hair, regular dog grooming is essential, otherwise, their coat might grow in clumps. When it becomes entangled, it can be almost impossible to get a comb through. Shaving their coats, when it has become like this, can all too often be the only answer. This might seem like a drastic solution, but it does encourage healthy skin and their coats will be silky and smooth.

Some breeds do suffer greatly from the summer heat if their coats are very long, or thick. Having your dogs coat clipped to a manageable length, is the sensible thing to do. Fleas and ticks, in the summer, are also troublesome. Clipping your dogs coat can help manage these pests better, which is better for them and better for you.

As the seasons change, from Summer, through to Winter, keeping your dog looking good can become a real challenge. Mud and rain making their coats matted and dry. More frequent winter brushing and care is essential, a good brush will keep on top of things.

Washing your dog can be fun, but that depends on your dog and your own circumstances. This may not be something you can physically do alone. If you're filled with dread every time it's bath time for your dog, or are not looking forward to a wet dog loose in your new hallways. then maybe a dog parlour is the place to go! Grooming parlours/salons have professional people who simply adore dogs! They can clip the most unruly coat and wash the dirt away. Even clip your dogs coat into the most amusing shapes! A salon could well be a real social event for your dog, even if they only have a short coat. Everyone loves to get pampered, and that includes your dog!