Clipping dog nails

How much do you know about clipping dog nails? Many dog owners are likely to treat their dogs like an extended member of their family, often spending large amounts of money on them and treating them extensively. The large amounts of money which is spent on them is usually in regards to grooming and accessories.

One important part of grooming of any dog is the clipping of its nails. Many owners choose to do this themselves and some people choose to pay and have this service done professionally. However a dog owner does choose to have this done, it is important for the job to be done correctly in order to ensure that the dog is not hurt during the process.

There is a strict correct way to cut the dogs nails in order for the correct outcome, perfectly cut nails in a pain free way. First of all, it should be considered that the dog is unlikely to want their nails cutting and will therefore be reluctant. The best advice surrounding this issue, is to start cutting the dogs nails from a young age, this way they will get used to it and will have grown up with the process.

In order for the dog to feel comfortable, anybody cutting the nails should get the dog accustomed with them holding and stroking the paws. This should then progress towards light pressure being applied on the paws and nails. Going even further, some people may wish to light pinch the nail with a finger and thumb in order for the dog to get used to the process. If the dog successfully allows this and does not revolt, the dog should be rewarded with a treat. Once these lessons have been completed, the nails are ready to be cut. People should be aware that vets provide training on how to cut nails, this training should be gathered.

After this training, light clip the tips of some of the nails each day. Easing the dog in to this process will make them comfortable and is ensured not to scare the dog off. It is important to successfully reward the dog each time they allow you to cut the nails without any problems. Numerous different outlets sell the tools required to cut the dogs nails, different people prefer different equipment.

Some people are happy using trimmers and a small nail file, this choice is very individual and dog owners should see which their dog reacts best to. People who are scared of hurting their dog in this process or do not feel comfortable doing this process should pay for the service to be carried out. These people are advised to pay as the cutting of dogs nails is crucial and not something which should be overlooked. Extensive nails which have not be cut will gather large amounts of dirt which makes them very unhygienic and unappealing.