Dog bathing

All dog owners will know about dog bathing - as for dogs can often become smelly and also dirty. Due to this, just like humans, the dog will require regular bathing - but not too regular. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to do this unless they are taken some where professionally.

Some useful tips for bathing dogs includes having towels handy before the bathing begins. Place the dog on a rubber mat within a tub or sink, this way the dog will feel secure and comfortable in the process. Never use cotton on a dogs ears, this can act like a wick and draw water into the ears.

Whoever is bathing the dog should also be careful to avoid any water going into the dogs ears. The process of bathing a dog is often a wet and often dirty challenge and therefore wearing old clothes is suggested. Another useful tip is to avoid the dogs fur entering the drainage system, this is likely to clog up the system and lead to it being blocked. Some bottles of shampoo may indicate to shampoo the dog twice, this is rarely required and is only required when a dog is exceptionally dirty or has not been washed for a long time. A dog should be brushed prior to being bathed, this should be done to remove the mats from the coat.

Excessive matting within the coat is often difficult to deal with and it is therefore suggested that professional services are used. Some dog owners fall into the habit of washing their dog too often, most dogs require a bath just once a month, excessive bathing can lead to the skin and coat drying out. Dog owners are advised to brush and bath their dogs from an early age in order for the dog to get used to this process.

One of the most important aspects of bathing a dog is the steps which are taken before hand in preparation. It cannot be stressed enough how important the process of brushing the dog prior to bathing is, it can be regarded as one of the most crucial steps. This prior brushing will help to remove the dead and shredded fur from the coat and undercoat. Some dogs are likely to have knots, tangles or mats within their coats and these need to be removed before the bathing process takes place.

If a dog is bathed without being brushed first it will lead to the dirt and the shampoo remaining in the coat of the dog within mats. This will create an even larger problem with the mats becoming even worse. Mats which are made worse through failing to brush the dog prior to bathing are likely to make the dog look unattractive and also poorly groomed. Bathing a dog is a very important aspect of dog ownership, it help keeps the dog clean and healthy.