Information about dogs

We offer a range of information about dogs in our site, with the aim of helping you to care for our pets in the best way possible. In general, caring for your dog is fundamentally just doing the sensible things. Things you would do for any living thing.

Information about dogs start with puppies, the babies of the dog world, as they obviously need different general care than, for instance, a three year old dog. Puppies need that bit more love and attention, lots of training and regular feeding, they also need their immunisation injections. Also, most usually, having them neutered or spade will be recommended by your veterinarian. Training classes are also a very good idea, teaching you dog social skills, as well as commands.

As dogs grow, their general caring needs change; we can also start to take them places with us, for instance, to work, if you're able. Making sure your dog is happy, and especially, not lonely is one of the most important general caring tips you can receive. A lonely or bored dog can become naughty, unresponsive to your commands, and, most likely, destructive. Which is where general information about dogs can help you to find tips and advic eof a practical nature.

There are many household things your dog could swallow, which could make him extremely ill. Buying your dog toys to occupy his mind can help, there are so many to choose from. He should be spoilt for choice! Walking your dog is also a good way to occupy his mind and make him tired, if he's asleep, he won't be so bothered about being alone!

You also have to make sure your dog is fed well - sounds obvious, but this includes not over feeding, no snacks or treats at the table and making sure you feed the right amount. Feeding your dog treats is a great way to show him you care, but make sure they are given in moderation, dogs can become overweight easily. Bathing and brushing can be fun; it also makes him feel good.

An alternative way to show him how much you care is by giving your dog his own bed. He will know he is loved and cared for when he's snug and warm in his own bed. As your dog grows old, his general caring needs will change. Vets visits will probably be more frequent, older dogs can suffer just the same kind of old age ailments as we do. He still needs to be taken out for walks but they wont be so energetic. At least he will sit still for a cuddle on the sofa that bit longer!