Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a working dog. It is strong and sturdy. It is a breed that comes in a variety of colours. The thick undercoat and soft outer coat make this breed able to withstand extremely low temperatures. The coat has colours that range from black to grey and white as well as silver. The almond shad eyes are dark brown, light brown or blue, and can come in combinations of these colours. They are generally well suited to life in the icy and snowy regions of the world so their feet have hair between the toes to assist them with gripping. The Siberian Husky has ears that are set high and the tail is thick and furry.

Temperament :

The Siberian Husky is a friendly and playful animal/. This breed is loyal, gentle and protective at the same time. Highly intelligent and sociable, they tend to be great with all the family and can be trained to extremely high levels of obedience very simply. They can get overheated very easily in warmer climates however due to their thick, warm coats. They enjoy companionship and dislike being alone. They are usually good with other animals and they are generally a good natured breed.

Health issues :

Hip problems and sometimes issues with their eyes are generally the main issues facing these dogs. Skin conditions may also become issues. They are usually not affected by breed specific health related problems however so these dogs are great as pets that require little medical attention and low vet fees.

Exercise :

As they were originally sledge dogs, they require a fair amount of exercise. Warmer climates can prove to be an issue for them however as their coats are thick and warm which can lead to them becoming much too hot.

Life expectancy :

They tend to live for around twelve to fifteen years.

Grooming :

This dog tends to shed its fur about twice a year. Only at these times does it require a lot of care and grooming. Other than this, grooming is simple and it is not necessary to brush them excessively. Bathing is also only required occasionally.