The Rottweiler has a head that is of medium length and it is wide between the ears. The head is broad and the forehead line is moderately arched. It has extremely powerful jaws. The fairly deep muzzle is the same length as the head. The nose is well developed with large nostrils. The eyes are usually dark brown and almond shaped. The ears are small and set high. They are positioned close to the cheeks. The Rottweiler is sturdy, powerful and extremely strong. The upper thighs are muscular and the feet are well rounded and compact. The back is straight and strong. It is not too long however. The tail is short and strong which is usually docked at the first joint and carried horizontally. The Rottweiler is generally black with tan markings.


Temperament :

With careful, firm and disciplined training, this dog can become a fabulous guard dog as well as being extremely loyal and devoted to its home and family. They are great fighters and exceptionally strong. With their unquestionable intelligence, they have been used by the police and military over the years. Although they can be viscous, aggressive and extremely fierce, they can also be loving pets. They can also become very obedient. They are in essence great guard dogs that are extremely protective.

Health issues :

Health issues suffered by this breed include hip problems, they tend to snore and can be prone to eating too much as their appetites are generally very good.

Exercise :

It is important to give this breed regular walks and allow it to go for long runs in parks. This dog requires a lot of exercise.

Life expectancy :

They tend to live for around ten to twelve years on average.

Grooming :

Grooming these dog's glossy coats is simple and it doesn't shed its fur too readily. It merely requires brushing it with a firm brush and it is to be bathed only when absolutely necessary.