The Newfoundland breed is very elegant. It has a short, wide muzzle and small ears. It has very dark brown eyes and a black nose. The coat is black or bronze and is generally very long. It is water resistant and has an, oily undercoat. The Newfoundland has webbed feet as well. This assists them to become good swimmers. The tail is fairly thick and hangs down. On the whole, this dog is huge and has a strong, muscular body. The legs are also quite long and muscular.

Temperament :

This dog has a great temperament. It is an extremely good natured dog in general and the Newfoundland is renowned for being exceptionally calm, loyal and courageous. It enjoys the outdoors very much. They are easy to train and learn obedience very well. Patience is an attribute possessed by this fine animal and it is extremely well behaved around youngsters. It likes to protect the family and can be very aggressive towards other dogs.

Health issues :

Due to its large size, this dog can experience hip problems. Keeping its weight down is essential to prevent conditions such as these. It may also develop heart disease and regular exercise and not overeating can help to keep this breed in shape and healthy.

Exercise :

Regular but light exercise is the best practice for this dog. Swimming and walking are the ideal activities for this breed.

Life expectancy :

Unfortunately however, this fine dog is only likely to live for ten years, usually less though.

Grooming :

Use a hard brush a few times a week to brush this large dog. It is important to maintain the thick and coarse double coat regularly. It sheds its fur twice a year so it is essential to look after it more carefully at these times.