The colours of the Dobermann Pinscher include black and brown. The coat is short and thick and black dogs may have rust coloured markings above the eyes, around the muzzle and on the chest. The head is wedge shaped. The ears are generally cropped and set high, on the top of the head. The shortening or docking of the tail is usually performed when the puppy is only a few days old. The Doberman Pinscher is a manufactured breed. It shares many similarities of most terriers which is where the name is actually derived from.


Temperament :

The Doberman Pinscher has some attributes of terriers and guard dogs too. This makes them both agile and robust. Sturdy, strong and fearless, these dogs are excellent for guarding the home. They are very dominant dogs and can become a little over protective sometimes. They are generally very assertive animals but that does not mean they are viscous. Firm and positive training is required to ensure the dogs are able to defend their family as well as being passive and good natured.

Health issues :

Heart disorders, hip problems and back pains are the main health issues that these fine dogs must face.

Exercise :

It is highly important to provide these dogs with the means to exercise freely and frequently. Regular walks are necessary to help maintain this dog's fitness levels and to keep it in shape.

Life expectancy :

They can usually live up to around thirteen years.

Grooming :

Little grooming is required for these hardy dogs and bathing, brushing or combing can usually be performed very infrequently, unless really necessary. They also tend to not shed fur too readily.