Boxer dog

The boxer dog is both active and agile, but not racy. The head is the most prominent feature. The muzzle, which is generally deep and square, is one third of the length of the head. The boxer has dark eyes. The ears are fairly small and thin, lying close to the cheek. The jaws are strong and wide. The chest is deep and the body has a square stature. The hind quarters are strong and muscular and the feet are small and tight. The tail is carried high and is docked short. With a smooth and short coat, the colour is usually light brown and may include white markings.

Temperament :

The boxer is a playful dog. It has its name for a reason. It tends to ‘paw' at objects around it and this excitable dog likes to jump about a lot too! They are extremely loyal and possessive which is a key point to why they make such great guard dogs. Being very athletic and strong, they are powerful dogs that are often used in police work and in the military.

Health issues :

Hip, heart and allergies are the largest concerns for owners of these fantastic dogs.

Exercise :

They are full of energy and require lots of activity, walking and running around in parks, preferably on a daily basis.

Life expectancy :

Although some health issues can arise after the age of eight, these fine dogs usually survive up to the age of fourteen years on average.

Grooming :

With its short coat and smooth texture, grooming is a simple task. Using a firm brush can make maintenance of its coat easy and ensure that this dog looks great. Do not over bather this dog as it can damage the fur which is not shed in excess.