Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso has a long coat. The heavy, thick double coat that resembles a large bundle of fluffy fur and makes this dog look very distinctive indeed. The neck is covered in fur and the tail is also very hairy. It is usually carried over the back. The coat is magnificent and comes in various colours ranging from gold, honey and cream to white, grey, brown and black. The muzzle is of medium length. The Lhasa Apso is a fabulous looking animal. Falling over the eyes and face, there is more fur on this dog than most others put together! the feet are not visible due to the covering of fur that obscures the view of the legs and feet from all sides.

Temperament :

This dog is friendly. It has a great temperament and shows much affection to its owner. It is cautious of unfamiliar people, probably more to do with its size than anything else. Lhasa Apsos are great pets. These dogs are very sweet and soft as well as being obedient. They can however become wilful and aggressive if not trained properly. A firm handler may help this situation. They can also be very noisy animals.

Health issues :

This breed is not usually affected by specific health problems. They can be prone skin problems and hip issues. Kidney issues as well as eye problems can also affect these dogs sometimes.

Exercise :

Running through parks and short walks are ideal for this small dog. They do not require excessive amounts of exercise but may need to receive regular activity in order to ensure that they remain healthy and fit.

Life expectancy :

Although the majority of these dogs survive until the age of around fifteen years, some have been known to line until eighteen, if not longer.

Grooming :

The amount of grooming required to maintain this dog's coat is not too much. However they do need a lot of care and attention, especially around the ears which are extremely delicate and can even be torn if they are treated too roughly.