This medium sized dog has famous characteristics. The Dalmatian has a white coat with black spots. It is full of energy and stamina levels are very high. the eyes are brown, the ears are soft and usually the colour of the spots and the coat is short and thick. The feet have well arched toes, the feet are round and nails are the same colour as the coat or the spots. Dalmatians are quite valuable dogs and they increase in value as the number of spots increases.

Temperament :

They are full of energy. Stamina is in abundance within the Dalmatian. They are loving, affectionate and loyal companions to humans. These dogs are great with other animals and tend to get on well with pets and people too. Other male dogs may cause this breed to become aggressive. Wilfulness accompanies intelligence with this dog. Firm handling and consistent training does wonders for this dog's obedience and temperament. Protection is something they are extremely useful for and they enjoy being watchdogs for their family. With large litters, owners might need to find a fair few homes for more than just a few of these delightful dogs.

Health issues :

A good proportion of puppies can be affected by deafness. Skin allergies can also be a problem for them. Urinary tract issues may pose further problems for this fine dog.

Exercise :

Running through parks, long, brisk walks and extensive levels of regular exercise are the only ways to prevent this excitable breed from becoming destructive in the event that they are left without sufficient means to exercise properly and adequately. They are full of energy so require a lot of human attention and activity.

Life expectancy :

With a life expectancy of about ten to twelve years, these dogs have average life spans when compared to most dog breeds.

Grooming :

Around twice a year, this dog will shed a lot of fur. On the whole though, it remains an easy dog to look after. Regular combing and brushing is the way to keep its cat looking its best. Bathing is only necessary occasionally.