The Bulldog is small wide and compact sturdy dog with a thick, large head. The skin on the skull should fall in thick folds. The bulldog has a short muzzle and nose and with large nostrils. This breed has eyes that are round, far apart and very dark. The ears should be small and thin, folded back in the form of a rose. Bulldogs come in a variety of reds, brindles, pale yellows or light reds or white, or come in a combination of these colours. Due to its muscular legs and powerful body this dog mainly waddles.

Temperament :

The Bulldog is by far and away one of the most gentle dog breeds. Despite a rather rugged appearance, they are actually very friendly animals. This breed is very affectionate, dependable and gentle with children, whilst having great courage and reliable guarding abilities. They enjoy all the human attention they can get! With strong guidance and an owner with an understanding of Alpha canine behaviour prevent the dog becoming too dominating. Although they are full of energy at a young age this dog will loose their enthusiasm as they get older. They make good family pets, though can become scrappy with other dogs. They snore very loudly, and many have drool and slobber tendencies.

Health issues :

With a small wind pip, they are susceptible to various breathing problems. They are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and are prone to skin infections as well as hip and knee problems.

Exercise :

Although some will not be soon keen on exercise it will help them to stay in shape. They do not have a lot of stamina; many prefer short sharp bursts of activity rather than prolonged exercise or very long walks.

Life expectancy :

The average is about eight years.

Grooming :

Their short haired coat allows for easy grooming with a firm bristle brush and should only be bathed when necessary. Their faces need to be cleaned daily to keep the inside of their wrinkles clean. They shed an average amount of hair.