Yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier or ‘Yorkie' has a fabulous coat. It is steel coloured on the body and tail and the rest of this tiny, lovable dog is tan coloured. It has a flat head with a medium sized muzzle. The head has a lot of fur, so much so that it may impair visibility for the dog. The tail is usually docked to half of its original size. The nose is black. It has v-shaped ears that stand upright. The Yorkshire Terrier has straight legs and round feet. The ears are fairly large and may even look slightly out of proportion for the dog as its head and body are so small.

Temperament :

Adventurous and agile, the Yorkshire Terrier is a highly active dog that is full of energy. It can be very affectionate with its owner and tends to get on well with other pets but may show high aggression towards other dogs. It may be cautious around unfamiliar people. Easy to train, they may require a firm handler to occasionally put them in their place. They are generally highly demanding dogs and crave attention. They make great little watchdogs too!

Health issues :

Tooth decay, respiratory diseases and stomach problems affect this breed sometimes. Dry food can help to maintain healthy gums and teeth however. With such a small frame with similarly small bones, falls can tend to harm these little dogs in terms of breaks and fractures of their legs.

Exercise :

This small dog is lively, active and highly energetic by nature. Due to this, it doesn't require a lot of exercise to keep it fit and healthy. Long walks and runs in the park are suitable but unnecessary. It is better to ensure that it gets adequate exercise at least a few times a week however.

Life expectancy :

As with most breeds of similar size, this dog usually has a lifespan of somewhere in the region of twelve to fifteen years.

Grooming :

Unfortunately for owners of this delightful little dog, regular grooming is necessary. Combing and brushing must be performed frequently. Luckily though, this dog tends to shed very little, if any fur.