The Pug is a strange looking dog, that's for sure! Compact, sturdy and very square, this breed has a soft coat and a very short, flat muzzle. The muzzle is black and the soft, smooth coat comes in a variety of colours that include fawn, black and silver. The eyes are dark and the back is wrinkly ad short too. The Pug's tail is tightly curled and they tend to waddle about as their legs are strong and straight. Their walk is very distinctive and it is easy to distinguish these dogs. It has an almost squashed look about it.

Temperament :

The Pug is a very happy dog in general. With a great temperament, they tend to be friendly, loving and affectionate. Although they can be a little wilful, they are highly intelligent and can benefit from training from a firm handler. They tend to get along with most other dogs and are happy to dwell with small pets too. They are great for the entire family. Requiring a lot of attention, these dogs like to please their owner and can be devoted watchdogs.

Health issues :

This breed appears to suffer somewhat from common colds. They are not keen on differing ranges of temperatures such as extremes of hot and cold weather. Allergies pose problems for them and respiratory issues tend to blight them due to their short snouts. The eyes also tend to weep. Snoring is also common. Skin problems are also an issue for them.

Exercise :

They are full of energy. They really benefit from regular exercise that can actually help them to live longer lives. If they start to have breathing difficulties, you may want to reduce the amount they are exercising. Short walks should be sufficient.

Life expectancy :

They are expected to live in general for about twelve to fifteen years.

Grooming :

Luckily for their owners, heath issues are not mirrored by difficulties in grooming. The short coat is simple to maintain. Combing and brushing with a firm brush is the best technique and bathing and shampooing is only necessary occasionally. It's not all good news though as they tend to shed a lot of fur.