The Maltese is a tough sturdy companion dog that has a beautiful white coat that hangs right to the ground. This breed has only a single coat, and it is usually shiny, thick and heavy hair. The Maltese ears are heavily covered with hair and its tail hangs over its back. They are mostly white but can also be ivory in colour. Its muzzle is usually one third the length of its head with a slightly tapered muzzle, whilst having large dark eyes. Its body is marginally longer than its height. The eyes are dark, round, large and deep with dark rims. The muzzle tapers slightly and should be one-third the length of the total head. As it walks due to its long hair it looks like it is hovering across the ground.

Temperament :

The Maltese is a highly spirited, lively, fun dog. Although they can be snappish at time and difficult to house train at times, but with the right training and rewarding, this dog is a classic companion, beautiful and highly loveable. They have to remain active and if over pampered or overprotected they can become unstable or jealous of visitors. With the right diet it will soon be able to learn tricks and be incredibly loyal to its master.

Health issues :

Although they do like the puddles they can get the chills as well and become too hot in hot climates. They sometimes suffer slipped stifle alongside teeth and eye and breathing problems.

Exercise :

They stay active indoors which should be enough to keep them fit. They do enjoy regular walking and will be playful into their old age.

Life expectancy :

These dogs tend to live for around fifteen years, though it can live longer as long as it is kept out of the damp.

Grooming :

The eyes and beard have to be kept clean daily. Daily brushing is also recommended. This breed sheds very little. You should bathe or dry clean regularly, making sure the dog is dry afterwards and pay attention to keeping the ears clean.