The Chihuahua has large dark eyes. This tiny dog has a short pointed muzzle and a round head. They have large ears that are often erect. Its trademark large ears are set high and held erect. This breed has a stout body is stout and a sickle-shaped tail. Although the common type of Chihuahua is short haired there is also a long haired type. Their coats are coloured as chestnut, sand, silver and blue. Although this breed is small this dog is more sturdy than it appears to be.

Temperament :

This dog is a good companion dog. It is courageous, extremely lively, it gives and demands affection. The Chihuahua is able to dart around quickly in order to avoid being stepped on. They are intensely loyal and become very attached to their owners. They can be suspicious of people except for its owner. They may be at times slightly difficult to train, but they are however intelligent, and respond well to proper, gentle training. They do have a tendency to snap at teasing children and sometimes resorts to its sharp teeth in self defence. It is not recommended for children. They can be quite noisy but with good socialization from a pup will avoid excessive aggressiveness to other dogs and strangers.

Health issues :

As a puppy they are susceptible to accidents and fractures especially if the scull does not close up. They tend to wheeze and snore due to its small nose. Their eyes are prone to dryness and secondary glaucoma as well as being prone to slipped stifle, cold, stress and rheumatism.

Exercise :

Although small they do like to be kept active and not carried everywhere. A body harness is better for them than a collar. They also do not like the cold.

Life expectancy :

They usually live for about fifteen years.

Grooming :

Bathe once a month though but be careful not to get water in their ears. The long haired types should be brushed once a day with a soft bristle brush, their short haired counterpart should brushed or wiped down with a damp cloth occasionally. They are an average shedder and their nails should be trimmed, while checking their ears regularly.