West Highland Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier is a tough little dog. It is both sturdy and compact. With its white outer coat and soft, thick undercoat, these dogs are bright and clean looking animals. They have dark eyes and small, pointed ears. The tail is carried high and vertically. It is not docked. The chest is deep and the West Highland White Terrier has a muscular body, even if it is very small.

Temperament :

Training the West Highland White Terrier is simple. They are friendly dogs in general and highly amicable towards their owners and other people too! Great with youngsters and adults as well, they respond better with well behaved and respectful people. They tend not to be overly aggressive towards other animals although they are interested in hunting smaller animals for fun. They also make a good guard dog although they are not particularly fierce. They are usually very protective of their family.

Health issues :

This breed is not specifically plighted by major health issues. Some dogs may develop skin diseases and hip problems. Hernias and liver disease may also affect them.

Exercise :

Being small dogs, they require lots of short walks and runs in the park to ensure that they are fit and healthy. This should be done three or four times a week if not more regularly.

Life expectancy :

They have long lifespan usually which are generally around fifteen years or more.

Grooming :

The coat is easy to groom. This breed sheds very little in any fur and so brushing it is a simple task. Trimming the coat is required occasionally as is bathing. Brushing is usually sufficient to maintain a clean, smooth coat.