Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier or Scottie dog has a few names. It is sometimes known as a Scottie or an Aberdeen Terrier. This small dog has a thick, coarse coat that covers a soft undercoat. This helps to protect the dog and keep it warm in colder temperatures. The Scottish Terrier is very small but also very strong and muscular. It has extremely short legs and despite this fact remains active and agile too! With large teeth and a similarly large muzzle, it certainly has some bite to it. The tail is carried horizontally or may be slightly curved upwards. It is of medium length. The coat is black, as is the nose and eyes.

Temperament :

This dog is protective and loyal. It is very friendly and highly amicable. The Scottish Terrier is a playful dog that craves attention and enjoys company immensely. As an adult however it may be fairly temperamental in terms of being snappy and irritable from time to time. Although it is neither large nor particularly menacing, this dog is a good watchdog and can prove to be a great asset to the security of its owner's home. Training must be performed continuously and firmly. Obedience is achievable quite easily and they can be sensitive to correction. It is a proud and intelligent animal.

Health issues :

Some of these great little dogs are prone to movement problems. Skin problems and other allergies may pose problems for this dog too. They may also have some issues with their jaws which can make eating very difficult.

Exercise :

Due to their small size, a small garden is sufficient to allow these dogs to get the level of exercise they require. Playing games in a park, running around and going for short or long walks are all viable options for this small dog that's full of character.

Life expectancy :

Again, being a small dog has many advantages and it would seem that this breed has a fairly long lifespan of up to around fifteen years.

Grooming :

It is essential to brush the coat but take even more care when it is shedding its fur. Bathing should be done occasionally. Professional trimming is necessary but this should only be performed a few times a year.