Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier has a fairly long haired coat and a soft, smooth undercoat. The body is quite short and compact although still reasonably muscular. The head is broad and the Cairn Terrier has a black nose with thick eyebrows. The ears are set high and are triangular in shape. The tail is carried quite high and has thick fur. The coat is usually black, grey or light brown. In essence, it has all the attributes you would expect from a boisterous little terrier.

Temperament :

The Cairn Terriers are very friendly dogs. They are extremely affectionate to their owners and to other people too. They can be easily trained and learn obedience quickly. Patience and discipline are required however to gain the most from these gat little dogs. They enjoy hunting and will tend to run off to find small animals. They also tend to bark a lot. Firm handling and training as well as lots of attention will help to resolve this small issue.

Health issues :

They have extremely large appetites for such a small breed. This can lead to overeating and can also produce health issues if allowed to eat as much as they want to.

Exercise :

Short walks and runs in the park will produce effective amounts of exercise for this fine little dog.

Life expectancy :

They tend to avoid major health issues in general and therefore have a fairly long life expectancy of up to fifteen years.

Grooming :

These dogs require quite a lot of looking after. Their coats must be brushed constantly to avoid matting. Gentle brushing of the soft, sooth undercoat is also necessary. The long haired dog also needs to be trimmed occasionally and bathed fairly frequently. It rarely sheds any fur too.