German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog or Alsatian is a fine breed. The coats can be rough, long or long haired. It is powerful and strong. Black, blue, white or tan in colour, the nose is generally black and it as a large, bushy tail. It is a very muscular dog with wide ears that point upright and forward. The eyes are shaped like almonds and are usually dark. The legs are thick and muscular too. The German Shepherd Dog has round feet have hardened soles.

Temperament :

The German Shepherd Dog or Alsatian is generally used as a working dog. They are courageous and alert animals. Loyal and fearless, they make excellent guard dogs too. They are great at protecting their family. They tend to be very gentle, friendly dogs but poor breeding techniques and handling can lead to heightened aggression towards people and other dogs as well. Obedience training is simple when constant and firm handling is applied. They are extremely energetic, agile, strong and sporty.

Health issues :

Hip and elbow issues blight this breed. Hereditary blood diseases and digestive issues are also fairly common. Skin problems are also an issue these days and allergies also cause problems for them.

Exercise :

They want and require hard, strenuous exercise. They are used to it and prefer it. They need a lot of exercise so regular physical activity is a must for this breed.

Life expectancy :

They can expect to live for around ten to fifteen years.

Grooming :

A seasonally heavy shedder of fur, this dog also sheds hair continuously throughout the year. Daily brushing is the key to resolving any issues relating to shedding. Bathing is only necessary very rarely to avoid removing essential oils form their skin.