With its long, muscular body, the Dachshund puppy dog comes in a multitude of varieties that range from long haired, long haired miniature to smooth, smooth miniature, wire haired and wire haired miniature. As breeders will tell you, these different types of Dachshund vary in size. All have short legs and a long head. They generally have dark, brown or black eyes and their ears are flat and hang down their cheeks.

The tail on these dogs is carried high and is positioned centrally. The coat is smooth and velvety. Colours vary from tan to a more yellow shade and their coats are sometimes darker colours of grey, black and brown.


Temperament :

The Dachshund breeds are very active, energetic and boisterous. They can prove to be a little more difficult to train towards high levels of obedience. They may find it difficult to get on with other animals and can be irritable when handled. With a large appetite usually, these dogs should be fed cautiously as they tend to gin weight readily if they overeat.

Health issues :

Heart disease and urinary tract problems are health issues that usually pose problems for these dogs. Back strain is also a problem if they do not exercise enough.

Exercise :

Exercise is essential for these dogs. They are highly active animals with excellent stamina. Regular walks and running around in a park are useful was of ensuring that adequate exercise levels are reached. With short legs, these hounds should refrain from jumping as they will tend to suffer from back pain.

Life expectancy :

These dogs usually live up to fifteen years on average.

Grooming :

The grooming requirements vary as the breeds do. From the short haired and wire haired types varieties needing trimming by professionals to the long haired dogs that must be combed and brushed frequently, they all generally shed fur but not excessively, making them fairly easy to look after.