Originally used to hunt rabbits, the Beagle (puppy as well as dog) is renowned for being the smallest hound. This dog has a long head and the ears have rounded tips. The eyes are widely set and usually brown in colour.

The chest of the Beagle is deep and broad. The legs are in proportion to the sturdy body and the tail is carried quite high and it is not arched over the back. In essence, they resemble English Foxhounds.


Temperament :

The Beagle is a good natured animal. It is lovable, sociable and fairly intelligent. Great with youngsters and very much part of the family, this breed is generally amicable with other dogs too. Excellent sense of smell is just one impressive attribute of this dog. Obedience comes easily to this breed with some firm training. They make great household pets too!

Health issues :

Although some of these dogs can experience heart and back problems, they are generally free of major health issues.

Exercise :

It is important to provide these dogs with the means to exercise regularly. They are very active and rigorous. Their stamina levels are also quite high. This breed are very inquisitive and love to hunt other small animals which means they are likely to run off if taken for walks without being secured on a leash.

Life expectancy :

They have a fairy long lifespan which can usually be up to about fifteen years.

Grooming :

Only shedding fur occasionally, these dogs require little looking after. The smooth coat only needs brushing every so often and the nails must be trimmed regularly.