Basset hound

The Basset hound has a general appearance of a short legged dog with significant stature. With a large, fairly rounded head and prominent top of the head, this dog has a skull with a regular width. The nose is usually black. The Basset hound has brown eyes with a relaxed and very sombre expression. The ears are positioned quite low down and are substantial in length.

Knees are a little bent and point inwards slightly. The tail is long and carried highly and also curls over the back. The coat is smooth and hard with a healthy gloss. The colour of this dog is usually black, white and tan or cream and white.


Temperament :

The Basset hound has a very amicable temperament and is generally very passive. Great with youngsters, this dog is highly family orientated. It is also quite doting. These animals are rarely aggressive and can be quite strong willed. They have a keen sense of smell and with adequate training they can become extremely obedient.

Health issues :

It is important to keep these dogs in shape and in good health through regular physical activity and careful diet. A failure to do so can result in too much pressure on the legs. Spine problems can ensue if the weight of the dog becomes excessive. Short legs do not help in this situation.

Exercise :

This breed requires a fair amount of exercise. However the front legs are weak to the extent that too much pressure and weight is bad for the dog's legs.

Life expectancy :

This breed usually lives for about ten to twelve years.

Grooming :

Fortunately for their owners, these great dogs are very simple to keep clean and groom. One issue however is the fact that they do shed quite a lot of fur. Brushing with a firm bristled brush a few times a week is sufficient for adequate grooming.