Dog breeds

Which dog breeds do you know all about? With over 50 dog breeds featured, we can help you discover more about their temperaments as well as behaviour around say children. By breaking the dog breeds into seven type, you can then see the related breeds and how they match up. All breeds vary in temperament, behaviour size and of course their function. Dog shows like Crufts are all about judging dogs against 'Breed Standard' (which is a made up blueprint of the perfect dog for that breed).

Gun Dogs
Find out more about Gun dogs they show great temperament.
» Golden Retriever » Labrador Retriever » Springer Spaniel » Weimaraner
Originally used for hunting - they need serious amounts of exercise!!
» Basset Hound » Beagle » Dachshund
Essentially working and herding dogs, great pets but need exercise.
» Alsatian - German Shepherd » Shetland Sheepdog » Welsh Corgi
Brave and tough, the ankle biters (amongst other terms we've read!)
» Airedale Terrier » Cairn Terrier » Scottish Terrier » West Highland Terrier
Most are friendly and love attention, they do not require huge exercise.
» Chihuahua » Pug » Maltese » Yorkshire Terrier
All those dogs that don't quite fit in elsewhere - sorry but it's true!
» Akita » Bulldog » Dalmation » Lhasa Apso
Working Dogs
Originally bred to act as guards or as search dogs - the helpers.
» Boxer » Newfoundland » Rottweiler » Siberian Husky

We bet you don't know that the Kennel Club 'owns' the 'Breed Standards' - so any changes to breeds and it will have come through the Kennel Club! Just as an aside, and very relevant in this channel, there are 196 breeds of dog as recognised by the Kennel Club.

Therefore, if you are looking for a new pet, there's quite a bit of research to get your head round as well as making sure that they are suitable for your circumstances (children, no garden, other pets etc.). To help you every breed is categorised whether it's a gun dog or toy.