The Weimaraner is a dog of medium to large size. It is quite an active and energetic dog that has a smooth grey coat. The head and ears are actually slightly lighter in shade than the rest of the body. It has a strong muzzle and the eyes are amber, blue or grey in colour. The legs are straight at the front and the tail is usually docked. This is done when the dog is only a few days old. Webbed feet enhance this dog's swimming abilities. The Weimaraner is also a powerful dog both in sheer build and in it's athleticism.


Temperament :

The Weimaraner can be very affectionate but can also be very wilful too. Firm handling is a must and training is require to help this dog to achieve the levels of obedience that it is capable of reaching. Repetitive training can lead to boredom however even though this breed is a fast learner. Cautious amongst those that it is unfamiliar with, this dog is generally very amicable and friendly towards familiar people but tends to be aggressive towards other dogs. It is highly protective of its own family as well. It craves attention in general. Hunting is its forte as well as protection.

Health issues :

Hip problems, large appetites leading to overeating and bloat and bone issues may pose problems for this breed. Feed smaller meals to reduce effects of overeating as opposed to one or two large meals a day.

Exercise :

Being energetic, powerful dogs that are used to working, they have good levels of stamina. A garden is not sufficient for them and they require large open spaces to run through as well as long brisk walks. Regular daily exercise is necessary.

Life expectancy :

They tend to live for about ten to twelve years.

Grooming :

The smooth coat is easy to groom. Maintaining its best condition is simple too. Brushing and combing is necessary fairly frequently whereas shampooing can be performed much less often. It sheds fur at an average rate too.