Springer Spaniel

This medium sized dog is strong and sturdy. The Springer Spaniel breed is also of medium weight and the tail is generally docked but it likes to wag it excitedly. The front legs are straight and the feet are compact. It has a strong head that it carries proudly. The eyes are also medium sized and are usually brown or hazel in colour. The Springer Spaniel is a friendly, chirpy animal with a medium length coat. The coat is either flat or wavy and is usually a combination of blacks, browns and whites.

Temperament :

They are generally friendly, gentle and amicable animals. Springer Spaniels are great with youngsters and they are intelligent dogs too. Being very obedient and willing to learn and please are also excellent attributes to possess which makes this animal a fine pt for the entire family. They are playful dogs and like to be around people. They may be mischievous dogs and can get into trouble! They get on well with most other pets with birds being an exception. They are generally full of energy and training is simple although they may require a firm and occasionally. Obedience s achievable quickly but patience may be necessary to cope with these lovable dogs.

Health issues :

Hip problems and weight gain affect this breed the most. They can sometimes get extremely angry and attack people but this is a treatable condition that is reversible.

Exercise :

The more exercise the better for this extremely active breed. Long, brisk walks and runs in the park are ideal. Swimming is also very enjoyable for them.

Life expectancy :

They tend to live a long time with the average lifespan being somewhere around fourteen years.

Grooming :

Grooming is simple. They are easy to keep clean and looking their best. A stiff bristled brush is required for the coat. They do not need too much attention but regular brushing is optimal. Trimming the fur on their feet is also required occasionally. It tends to shed fur in average amounts.