The Labrador Retriever is a sturdy, muscular dog. It is large and has a water resistant coat. The thick coat is usually solid black or brown. It has a thick nose and a wide head. With a similarly wide muzzle and brown eyes, this powerful dog is very hardy. The tail of the Labrador Retriever is strong and thick near to the base. It tapers towards the end. The legs are also strong. It has webbed feet that accentuates its swimming abilities.


Temperament :

The Labrador Retriever is extremely loyal, loving and affectionate as a pet. It is very intelligent and willing too. A friendly animal, this dog is great with youngsters and tend to crave attention as well. Guarding is not their forte however and they are much more suited to being watchdogs. They are extremely strong so training must be done from an early age with firm handling. They are active and agile too.

Health issues :

They are likely to develop hip problems. Elbow issues may also pose problems. Eye disorders are not uncommon as well.

Exercise :

These dogs are very active and are also full of energy. They require daily exercise and runs in the park, long brisk walks and regular physical activity is the only way to keep them fit and healthy. They cannot simply b left to roam in a garden, for example.

Life expectancy :

They tend to live average life spans of around ten to twelve years.

Grooming :

These dogs are easy to groom in general. Brushing and combing are necessary tasks; ensuring extra care is taken with the more delicate undercoat. Bathing or dry shampooing occasionally may be required as these dogs shed fur at an average rate.