Golden Retriever

With its golden or cream coloured coat, the Golden Retriever is a beautiful dog. This solid breed has a medium length coat which is comprised of a water resistant outer coat and a thick, warm, soft undercoat. The Golden Retriever has a broad head. The muzzle is large and powerful too. The dog has a black nose. The tail is long and carried high but not curled and the chest is broad too. The ears are of medium size and hag down along side the cheeks. The eyes are brown.

Temperament :

These dogs are great pets. The Golden Retriever is well behaved usually and highly intelligent too. They tend to be fast learners and pick things up quickly. Firm training generally provides excellent results. They are very active and tend to do very well in obedience training. They have an amicable temperament and are very friendly with people and other dogs. They are good at hunting, tracking, retrieving and swimming and are usually very agile. Great watchdogs, these dogs are excellent family pets.

Health issues :

Prone to hip problems and eye infections, these dogs may also suffer from heart conditions and skin allergies too.

Exercise :

Being a large active dog, it requires daily exercise and lots of it! A large garden may not even be sufficient and parks or long brisk walks and runs are the ideal solution to its exercising needs.

Life expectancy :

They tend to live for around ten to twelve years.

Grooming :

This dog has a smooth coat that is easy to groom. Combing and brushing with a firm brush is the key to keeping this animal clean and healthy looking. The thick undercoat and medium haired outer coat require attention a few times a week. Bathing is only necessary occasionally too. They tend to shed fur at an average rate as well making them fairly easy to look after on the whole.