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Do you know about different types of dogs available? Are you looking for your first pet or maybe just to find a good dog supplies company for food, training aids or dog bedding? If you love your dogs like we do, then iDogs.co.uk can give you all you need.

When you want to find out about breeds, types of dogs good for your home, where to buy new dog accessories or find kennels, iDogs.co.uk could become your first port of call

It's simple really as we point you towards the products and information on a wide range of types of dogs, grooming, accessories,dog food supplies or advice on how to exercise and keep your dog fit and healthy.

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Whatever the dog breeds, puppy or older dog, we offer some simple and plain English guides to dog breeds as well as a comprehensive dog training section.

We will not pretend to have all the answers, however we do know that understanding the basics can help you decide whether to get a dog, workout if your's is ill or whether you need a vet! From dog insurance or pet insurance through to health conditions and more, start with our site, and contact us if you need to.

Our favourite breeds :

» Rottweiler
» Chihuahua
» German shepherd
» Pug
» Beagle
» Bulldog
» Siberian Husky
» Yorkshire Terrier
» Golden Retriever
» Boxer

» Springer Spaniel
» Akita
» Dachshund
» Dalmation
» Lhasa Apso
» Weimaraner
» Basset Hound
» Maltese
» Newfoundland
» Shetland

Featured Dog :

Dobermann Pinscher

Originally a manfacturered breed, the Dobermann Pinscher is an excellent choice for guarding your home! They can be very dominant over other dogs if in the home, so read up on their characteristics.

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Dog Barking
Is this starting to worry you -= does your dog bark endlessly? Dogs should bark - however this should be because they are in trouble, to warn you of intruders or even as a playful gesture with other dogs. Find out more.
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